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Wildlife Series

Reese's wildlife series draws on the beauty of the wild and is directed toward reminding us of our connections with nature. His artwork focuses on capturing the essence of his subject and bringing the viewer up close to animals seldom seen in such ways. ' When we feel our sense of connection with nature we treat our environment better, and in turn, feel better ourselves.'

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Symbolism and Story

The use of symbolism is inherent in any story. We can think of a symbol as an 'empty space' where images and impressions are able to express ideas, emotions and states of mind. A story is an account of events of something.The depiction of meaning is significant purely in terms of what is being represented or implied.

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This gallery contains a sample selection of Reese's illustration work on different kinds of surfaces. The mediums include pen and ink, watercolor, linocut, scratch board, printing inks and acrylic.