Reese Sutfin

Reese began his career as a makeup effects artist for the movie industry in 1987. He enjoyed seven years of success culminating with an Emmy award in 1993, for Steven King's ' The Stand'. Soon after, he began explorations into other areas of artistic interest, eventually branching out into several forms of visual art. He has over twenty-five years of experience in working as an artist.


Sutfin Art Industries is a visual arts company specializing in the custom design and creation of visual art forms. We work closely with each client to assure clear communication throughout a project - focusing on a collaborative vision, aesthetic, performance integrity and client satisfaction. We handle public or private projects, special commissions and new challenges. We can help you create artistic focal points, find creative solutions and add unique touches. The range of work includes; Color consulting, art and illustration, murals and motifs, installations, wall effects & finishes, metal and wood features, floor graphics, mosaic and sculpture. We are licensed and insured.

Fine Art

Reese's fine art is fueled by his love of nature and a personal fascination with symbolism and story. He believes art is most valuable when it is being used to explore, observe and discover qualities about ourselves and the essence of being alive. His wildlife series draws on the beauty of the wild and is directed at raising the awareness of our connection with nature through local species. His symbolism and story work remains a place of exploration, question and observations of life and the unknown.

Film NFX

Speciality work for film, video and theatre include; makeup effects, prosthetics, life casting, mask making, character development, prop making, lace ventilated hair work, teeth making, sculpting, mold making, stop motion animation and creature creation.